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Ramblings of a Socially Distanced Jeweler

While customers get to see the finished product, they don't see the moments, sometimes hours, of pondering when I wonder what I should make next. With no shows on the horizon, filling inventory isn't compelling me forward. Some days there are lots of new ideas but since I'm not great at drawing, my notebook looks worse than a kindergartner's temper tantrum with crayons. I look at them days later and say " whaaaat". It helps if I name them so at least I remember that it was supposed to be a modern interpretation of a turtle swimming through kelp.

If you look through my collection you'll see that I lean towards designs that realistically depict things from nature. Starfish, turtles, mermaids, seahorses, shells, fish, flowers are just some of the objects that appear in copper, silver, bronze and brass.

During this time of social-distancing I'm trying to free my imagination from my design confinement and include designs that express the beauty I see in metal, stone and glass and nothing else. If I encounter dry spells of inspiration I'm going to try new techniques with my existing designs.

Stay tuned for more frequent blogs as I let you know some of the challenges and learning experiences that ensue. You can join in and help me out by letting me know what it was that you particularly liked about my jewelry. It'll help ensure that I don't wander too far off the mark.

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