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A Fish From Wanda

I took 2020 quarantine as a good opportunity to learn something new since many excellent instructors had started offering online course. While soldering, sawing, riveting, and polishing have become more or less second nature to me, imagining new designs is a different story. Its all too easy to stay in a rut creating similar pendants and earrings with the same materials over and over. I mean if isn't broken, why fix it? I decided to stretch my wings and try something new - focus on new materials and new ways to create. I haven’t left my past behind but just decided to include new expressions along with the old.

”A fish from Wanda” is the latest. What’s old—she’s made of sea glass and is sea themed. What’s new—she uses more silver wire (as opposed to sawn silver sheet), her little blue eye is a faceted stone set in a silver tube, and the chain is an integral part of the design. As you can see, she isn’t completely assembled yet—necklace pieces need jump rings and the sea glass prongs need setting. I’ll spend some more time with her, enjoying the new achievements and pondering possible changes when it’s time to release a whole school of them on the website.

Hope you like her and I encourage you to comment and give me feed back. I miss chatting with you all since we haven’t been to a show since January 2020. We’ll just have to chat via the internet. Visit the website again soon and I’ll probably have my little fish available for purchase along with another new design.

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