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Holiday Jewelry Designs

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

This year I've designed a special Holly pendant and coordinated earrings. We have more than our share of holly bushes/trees here at Counterpoint Studio so I pass them everyday.

While the British carol, The Holly and The Ivy, relates the features of Holly and Ivy to the Virgin Mary and Jesus my thoughts on Holly tend to be more practical. It sure is a plant with resilience. The wood is exceptionally hard and saplings spring up year after year from even a small root left behind. While not the most extravagant plant, its beauty is in the little white flowers that turn into bright red berries. Understated for sure. The basic leaf design is also very clever. Those pointy ends protect it from browsers like deer but still allow birds to harvest the berries and spread the future generations to places unknown.

Overall, holly has characteristics to be envied--resilience, inner understated beauty, and unique ways to help the future be bright. Here's hoping that I can contribute as much to the world.

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