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Thank you all

What a beautiful Saturday at the Seaside Craft Show in Bethany Beach, DE. Plenty of sunshine to warm us up and beautiful seaside breezes to cool us down. Our first time at this show and we want to thank the volunteers and organizers in Bethany. Most importantly, we want to thank all the visitors for stopping by our booth. It's always fun to chat with guests that stroll through.

Our customers were our best advertisements. A woman purchased our reversible Starfish w/Captured Shell pendant with one of our sterling silver neck wires. She loved it so much she decided to wear it right then and there. As the day went on, two other visitors came to the booth, both seemed on a mission. Having noticed her necklace, each of them inquired about it. Our customer did a great job explaining the features and sent them straight to our booth. Each pendant is different based on the colors of the shell we use. The picture below shows the "front" with captured shell but unfortunately we don't have a picture of the opposite side which features flame colored copper decorated with a silver textured starfish. We're out of stock right now but feel free to email us ( or reply on Facebook that you would like to place an order and we'll get right on it.

Our Heron also features a captured shell and it too was a big hit and sold out.

Guess it's time to stroll the beaches for more shells!

Our next show is in Chincoteague at the Blueberry Festival July 19-21. Come see us.

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