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Mermaids are multiplying

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Last post I mentioned my poor mermaid with the broken home of sea glass . Well she found a new home and since then more mermaids are appearing.

Making jewelry has its challenges especially if you fabricate everything from metal sheet and wire. No glue allowed which makes working with metal and glass somewhat demanding. Drilling holes in sea glass has to be done under water to keep the diamond drill bit cool and the toxic dust out of the air. While sea glass is worn and tumbled by mother nature, she doesn't always have flat uniform pieces to start with. Most homes for my mermaids come from the base of bottles and some still show the manufacturer's hallmarks. If I had time, I'd love to research all of them but I did find some that dated back to the 1920's. There's also a piece that has a log cabin on the bottom from the days when syrup came in glass. Too bad they don't come with addresses so you know how far they've traveled.

I've also used some smaller sea glass pieces in designs with coral so check out the website. More to come so stop by often.

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