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A daughter's Christmas gift

I still remember my Mom's yearly Christmas pin. It was usually a gift from me found in the 5 & 10 or Woolworth's because as a little girl I didn't have much money. Made of painted metals and rhinestones and formed into a wreath, it was a bright, pretty bauble that an admiring daughter thought her Mom should have. She wore them faithfully as mothers do even though they weren't well made and had little monetary value. Here's the one I found tucked away in my jewelry chest. It's definitely one of the nicest ones she ever received.

Mom's been gone for 33 years but I thought that this Christmas I'd honor her with a

Christmas wreath of silver. I've created a series of circle pendants that remind me of abstract wreaths. No baubles or rhinestones included--just silver forming a circle and something she would probably have worn anytime of the year but especially during the holidays. Maybe next year I'll learn how to make them into pins.

Those of you who are on FaceBook can click the Shop Now button to get to our website to view the wreath pendants and earrings.

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