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Improving improvisation

I've embarked on an 18 month long journey of learning. Alan Revere, the winner of the Benne Award which is a lifetime achievement award from The American Jewelry Design Council, is setting the course. Every two weeks there's a new project with a total of 36 to be completed. It's invigorating, scary and an honor to have a master goldsmith review my work. (

Many of the 36 projects differ in style from what you've seen here at Counterpoint Studio. While I have detailed instructions to follow, I will tell you that after Alan has reviewed the projects his final comment seems to be "now make it your own" or "you've got it now think outside the box", "go for it and lose yourself in creativity". If Alan were a musician, improvisation would be his style. He truly is a master who seeks to provide others with tools and knowledge to move forward in directions unknown. Creativity blossoms as skills grow and so I'm looking to improve my improvisation. Who knows where this forged bangle will lead. Maybe a bangle with 5 corners??

Keep checking back every two weeks because I'll have new successes and failures to post. The forged bangle was our first project. Check out the details in our store.

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