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Jewelry speaks

We had a wonderful, although rainy, weekend at the National Folk Festival in Salisbury, MD.  It's estimated that 63,000 attended and there was music, food and entertainment for everyone.

Festivals and shows are fun since we get to interact face to face with our customers.

 As a designer you get an idea in your head of what a piece represents.  The names for each item on the website tell you something of what was in my head as inspiration or sometimes what ends up being the outcome given the temperament of the materials.  Well one particular item seemed to speak differently to customers.

Bass Clef ring

 The bass clef ring was designed to have the cut out space resemble a musical bass clef.  All weekend long customers admired the ring calling it a beautiful spiral, an ocean wave and a cute kitty cat ring (turn it clockwise 90degrees and you have two eyes, two ears and a curly tail above the face).   Finally on the last day a music teacher saw my vision.

I sold all the rings and had a good time asking customers what they saw.  It's clear that jewelry speaks to people differently and that's the fun of it.   I hope all my customers make their purchases their own--change the chain, add a charm, call it a wave instead of a bass clef.   It's to be enjoyed and treasured in a personal way.

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