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Crabs are in Season at the Jeweler's Bench

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Jewelrs Saw and crab pendant in various stages of production.

Summer is here and on the Eastern Shore, that means crabs! Wanda has been working all morning on her special crab recipe - "Crab Pendant".


  • Copper Sheet

  • Copper Wire

  • Crab Template (Can be made several weeks in advance)

  • Saw Blades (Several)

  • Silver Solder (Heat to 1360F)

  • Citric Acid (for pickling)

  • Liver of Sulfur (for garnish only)

  • Patience


Cut an oval from the copper sheet and glue the template to its surface.

Drill a pilot hole for the saw blade using a .5mm bit.

Cut a crab silhouette from the sheet adding patience and saw blades as needed.

Texture and shape to taste.

Using a rolling mill and hammer, form a squared copper wire frame to the oval. Combine the frame and oval making sure they are completely aligned. If not, add more patience and hand sanding as needed. Add pallions of solder and heat to 1360F. Cool, then pickle to remove any oxidation.

Garnish with wire-wrap and bail. Dunk the entire pendant in Liver of Sulfur till blackened. Polish and apply a protective coating before selling.

Crab pendant is tasteful any time of the year but goes especially well when worn with your summer wardrobe. Old Bay optional.

Copper crab on silver net with silver necklace.

The Crab Pendant and matching earrings are joining our other Chesapeake Bay themed pieces in the Chesapeake Collection. Click the picture or the link to get a preview and while you are there check out our other collections on the "Menu".

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