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Every now and then I feel the urge to retool and sometimes circumstances demand that we have makeovers whether we want them or not. Well 2017 was just that kind of year. Retirement, breast cancer, the loss of 2 beloved pets just said it's time to retool.

While some people would look to yoga and meditation, I found that a new devotion to my jewelers saw worked wonders. Sounds strange but the steady rhythm created by sawing is music to my ears. It's pretty repetitive musically, but then again so is Gregorian chant or a round like "row row row your boat". Both musical forms are examples of Counterpoint so it is only fitting that my first love here at Counterpoint Studio is my saw.

If you visit us at a show or visit our Facebook page you'll see that saw on our banners. It's a basic tool that opens up new design options. Stay tuned (oh no another music joke) and you'll see more work listed on thanks to my saw.

By the way, I just found a group on Facebook -- Hand Piercing and Sawing metal/jewelry/art. It has 2,653 members. I'm not alone here......

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