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Stone hammered cuff bracelet

Stone hammered cuff bracelet


The unique shape of this cuff bracelet is created using anticlastic techniques.  Simply put--the hammering of the metal is on a specially shaped stake or anvil that causes the metal to curve in two different directions.  Once the shape is nearly finalized stone chips are strung on a wire and captured within the organic folds that developed during the hammering.  Metals used include brass, bronze and copper and can feature amethyst, sodalite and a varigated string including citrine, aquamarine, amethyst and peridot chips.

  • Care

    All jewelry is finished with a protective coating.  To maintain, simply polish with a Sunshine cloth, available under accessories on our site.

  • Dimensions

    Height:  .5"

    Width:  varies and is customized 

    Cuff opening:  1


  • How to measure your cuff size

    Wrap a string or paper strip around your wrist on the elbow side of your wrist bone.  This is your correct size. Average female wrist is 6.5-7.5  Also let me know whether your wrist is more of a circle or oval.  If it's wider (side to side) than it is thick it's oval.