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Silver spinner bangle

Silver spinner bangle


Relieve your stress and look fashionable at the same time when wearing this kinetic spinner bangle.  So how did I get those spinners inside the bracelet?  The process involves making the main piece of silver and then putting the brass and copper accent bands on before you hammer the bracelet curves.  Of course all the textures and polishing have to be done before assembly and you're aim has to be good or you bend the spinners.  

  • Care

    All jewelry is finished with a protective coating.  To maintain, simply polish with a Sunshine cloth, available under accessories on our site.

  • Dimensions

    Height:  .5"

    Width:  varies and is customized 

    Cuff opening:  1


  • Sizing your bangle bracelet

    Fold your hand as if you were putting on a bangle.  With paper or string measure the widest point.  This is the circumference.  Divide the circumference by 3.14 to get the diameter.  Our bracelets are made to the correct diameter.  Move up a 1/4" for comfort or if you like a looser bangle add more.  You can also measure the inside from side to side of a bangle you already have.