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Rectangular brass backed copper fob cutouts are available in two designs--one with at treble and bass clef the other with a sixteenth note and bass clef.  These feature fired copper giving each one unique colors.  The brass back is impressed with a leaf.  The two layers are soldered and also riveted together giving this fob a hefty weight. This will work equally as a key chain or a pendant.  Selecting pendant as the "fob use" option will include a 24" leather cord.  The key chain option will include a stainless still split ring.

Musical collage fob

  • Fob  Height: 2.375      Width:  .875"


  • All jewelry is coated with a protective layer to prolong the patinas and beauty of each piece.  Simply wipe lightly with a Sunshine cloth, available in our Collections under Accessories, to maintain your treasure.  For those pieces that have been loved the most, Renaissance Wax and Protecta Clear, which are the products we use, are also available for purchase.

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