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This necklace offers you two different looks.  The overall circular shape  is created using two organic fans or wings of sterling silver. At the very center is a plume agate held in place by hidden prongs and 24kt gold fused coral and starfish shapes.  The final touch of sparkle is added by the addition of three faceted citrines.  The flip side features the smooth cut side of the agate.  Hold it up to the light and you can see the plumes or cloud like coloration in the stone.  A fan coral design is overlaid on the stone and the wings are adorned with starfish all in beautifully finished silver.  The bail is a simple tube that is connected to a pearl that dangles on the bottom.  A simple neck wire is included.  A truly unique piece no matter which side you display.

Agate with gold

  • Length: 3"    Width: 2.24"

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