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Jeweler's Brass

Jewelers brass

Our brass is jeweler's brass and does not contain lead.  It will, on occasion, cause an allergic response when exposed to salt and acid on the skin.  To help prevent this, we coat any brass surfaces with patinas and protective layers.  With the exception of our scarab bracelet, we use brass in areas of our designs that are not tight against the skin for long periods.  For example, we have brass guitar pick earrings which dangle below the ear, never touching the ear.  Brass is not used in any ear posts or ear wires.

Jeweler's Brass is a great color match to 14K yellow gold and is an  alloy of 85% copper/15% zinc.  It is also known as red brass, NuGold, Jeweler’s Bronze or Merlin’s Gold.  It is less prone to tarnish than sterling silver.


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