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Large Starfish w/moss agate pendant

Large Starfish w/moss agate pendant


A reversible pendant with a captured moss agate slice.  Side one is sterling silver with a starfish cut out revealing the beautiful moss agate behind it.  Turn it over and the moss agate is featured surrounded by a flame colored copper ring decorated with a pattern of sea creatures.  When held to the light the detail of the transparent moss agate is seen and shows the cut out starfish. Each one is different with different stones and different colored copper.  Who doesn't like a two for one deal!  A v-shaped silver bail will accomodate almost any chain, neckwire or leather you may have.  This looks stunning on a the sterling neckwire or Omega neckwire found in our accessories section.

  • Dimension

    Height: 1.25"

    Width: 1.25:

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