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Flower marquise post earrings


Marquise shaped earrings in sterling silver are decorated with the impressed flowers.  The flower impressions are then given a dark patina.   The marquise shape is cut out so these are similar to hoops without being round making them a unique shape.

  • Dimensions

    Earrings:  Height: 2-2.25" 

                     Width:  1"

  • Care

    All jewelry is coated with a protective layer to prolong the patinas and beauty of each piece.  Simply wipe lightly with a Sunshine cloth, available in our Collections under Accessories, to maintain your treasure.  For those pieces that have been loved the most, Renaissance Wax and Protecta Clear, which are the products we use, are also available for purchase.

  • Hypoallergenic

    Silver ear wires are hand made from Argentium silver and are hypoallergenic.